Reliable Resolutions

When a disaster strikes, be it for whatever reason, trust the Kinetix Team to get your data back online so your business can continue to succeed.


Managed Archiving

For those businesses with the need for compliance or just peace of mind, Kinetix has a Managed Archive solution as well.


Managed Data Backup

Choose the “data” and Kinetix will ensure a quality, reliable copy of data exist on-site and off-site depending on the solution chosen.


Effective, Robust, Fast, and Secure backup solutions for large and small businesses. We offer advanced security measures to protect your data from potential security risks. Data safety is paramount in this new age of “Ransomware”

Kinetix Can Help Your Business Fight Cybercrime

Due to today’s technology it is of the utmost importance for every company to ensure a quality backup routine. It is also critical for some companies to archive their data as well. Security awareness training or “the human firewall” also provides an extra layer of security for your business data.

"New strains of encrypting ransomware are now showing up every week, so businesses have to remain vigilant and ensure they supplement strong security defenses with security best practices. It is vital to back up and archive critical data, only open email attachments from trusted or verified senders and disable Microsoft Office macros by default, only to be enabled when absolutely necessary.”
- InfoSecurity Magazine