Are you using your data wisely? It is extremely important to have a pulse on the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Measuring actual ROI for your business is key. Even tiny adjustments to your digital marketing can make an impact.

Website Analytics

Kinetix can help you create a deeper understanding of website traffic, bounce rate, unique visitors and what that means for your business. We can also consult your business on how you can use this data to develop a competitive strategy.

Our Google certifications help us keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest improvements and features Google has to offer. These changes happen very often, and although they make the tools more useful they often create a more complex view of your data.

Through Google Analytics we can help your business organize and streamline your web analytics reporting through event tracking and goal setting. We also can help you link your Google Analytics to Google AdWords to track your search and display campaign conversions.

• Behavior Reporting & Event Tracking- setting and tracking events will tell you more about your user’s interactions with your content on your website. This will help you find out what content performs best and identify areas of improvement.
• Goal Setting- setting up goals through Google Analytics will allow you to measure how often users complete specific actions on your website.

Social Media Analytics

Your social media pages are a true extension of your website and your brand identity. Kinetix can provide you with a full evaluation and assessment of your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, and LinkedIn analytics.

We can help you find out which demographics are more engaged on each individual platform. This will allow you to customize content based on your customer’s interests and your company’s expertise, creating your sweet spot.

Email Marketing Analytics

We can also evaluate the performance of your email marketing strategy. Help you find insights into what is and isn’t working.  How are you growing your subscriber database? Are you generating leads? These are the kind of questions you may be asking yourself. Kinetix can assist in helping you create and implement a custom email marketing strategy.

Kinetix Can Help Your Business

• Monitor your website & social media analytics data 
• Customize and prioritize your digital analytics goals
• Organize the back end of your analytics to create seamless reporting
• Provide you with monthly reporting including recommendations for improvements 
• Hold monthly recap meetings to discuss what’s working and what’s not