One Easy Invoice

Servers and storage available in one low monthly fee!

Warranties are a Thing of the Past

You get your servers and/or storage included in the monthly cost. Anything that goes wrong with the hardware is our problem to resolve. 


No More Expensive Surprise Upgrades

With HaaS, your servers can be automatically replaced with new ones every 4-5 years, ensuring compatibility with almost any software refresh.


If you dread writing checks for a network upgrade because it hits your cash flow in a big way, then you’ll want to look into Kinetix HaaS. HaaS is becoming a more common option for businesses because it allows you to pay for ALL your IT services (hardware, security, applications, etc.) as a flat-fee service, thereby eliminating the heavy cash-flow hit of upgrading or expanding your server network.

Never Buy New Hardware Again

Upgrade Your Technology for a Minimum Cost

Like businesses that lease their equipment, HaaS customers pay monthly for their infrastructure. This allows them to keep more cash in their pocket and gives them the tax advantage of converting a typical capital expense into a operational expense. 

Trust Kinetix HaaS to Fufill Your Computing Needs

HaaS is a new and rapidly growing managed service, but the concept has been around for years. When your cable provider installs a new router to replace an outdated one, or your wireless carrier sends you a cell phone included in your monthly calling plan, they are essentially providing hardware along with the service. Even your office water cooler is a piece of hardware that is often included as part of your bottled water system. Purchasing these items may not be practical. Who wants to be stuck with obsolete and unusable equipment?

Outdated IT equipment can be very costly. It can lead to poor productivity, lower revenue or lost data. HaaS, with Kinetix, covers all aspects of a client’s technology needs can alleviate a lot of hardware headaches while providing some big benefits.

  • Reduced Capital Expense - HaaS has the financial benefit of converting a large capital expense into a more manageable operating expense. This can free up your cash flow and provide more working capital, which is critical to many enterprises. A fixed monthly cost also makes technology expenses budgetable.

  • Say Goodbye to Obsolescence - A HaaS solution includes not only repair or replacement of broken hardware, but also timely upgrades to state-of-the-art technology. HaaS is a great way to stay current, from multifunctional printers to servers, computers and peripherals.

  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance - The proactive service model associated with HaaS delivers a high level of service integrity and operational reliability. Ongoing support and contact with Kinetix will ensure the best operating practices are used with your hardware. You can forget about the potential implications of equipment failure and system crashes right after a warranty expires. 

  • Better Security - When it comes to IT hardware and security, new is often better. Network security sometimes requires both hardware and software updates. With HaaS, it is an easy upgrade to the latest hardware if it is necessary for security reasons. Or, you may need a better or bigger appliance as a component of your backup and disaster recovery plan. 

  • Scalability - After a Kinetix consultation, we will collaborate on what equipment is right for you. As your enterprise grows, so do your technology needs. If the opposite occurs and for some reason your business contracts, you can even scale down with a HaaS solution and not be stuck with unneeded appliances.
HaaS can provide even more benefits than those listed here. A thorough IT assessment by a trusted Kinetix specialist is the best way to find out if HaaS is right for your business.