When an upgrade ISN’T in your budget

When this CEO recently discovered that his EMR vendor underestimated the hardware needed to perform after their latest upgrade, he was looking at a substantial capital acquisition which was not in his budget.  He not only did not have this unexpected expense budgeted but he needed the equipment yesterday!  He was already losing money from lost productivity in his billing and medical records departments because of system slowness.  

Kinetix quickly put his mind at ease by offering their Hardware as a Service option and within 2 weeks during a busy Christmas Holiday, everyone was breathing easier when the desperately needed SAN was put in place.

As CEO of LaSalle General Hospital, Doug Newman faces many challenges from multiple fronts on a regular basis.  When it comes to technology, he is happy to say those challenges are covered.  “When we have challenges relating to our technology, we call Kinetix and they have a solution...quickly!”

Why this CEO partners with Kinetix

Doug made the decision to supplement his onsite IT staff with Kinetix several years ago in addition to having an onsite IT employee for the hospital.  Doug states, “What I like most about having Kinetix as a partner, is the flexibility and reliability I get with a team rather than hiring additional onsite resources.”  He realizes it would be difficult if not impossible to hire enough resources to cover the skill sets he receives by utilizing Kinetix Managed Services.  Another huge advantage that appeals to all customers, but particularly small rural hospitals with limited funding, is the huge cost savings.  He knows if he were to hire IT staff directly he would be spending quite a bit more money and still be limited with the skill sets they could provide.

Doug also appreciates that everyone at the hospital seems very happy to have Kinetix on their team.  He gets all the personal service of onsite employees but the sophisticated management and monitoring tools in the background pro-actively monitoring his network. When asked what Kinetix can do to continue to improve our services, Doug said, “He wouldn’t change a thing.”