Advanced Conference Calling

When you rely on VaaS calling, you don’t have to just have one-on-one calls. VaaS can accommodate multiple people allowing businesses to engage in a conference call or a virtual interview with a prospective new employee. The call takes place in real-time and, because VaaS compresses data, more calls can be handled on the line at any one time.


More Than Just Voice Calls

Because VaaS operates over the Internet, you can do more than just engage in phone or video calls. You can also transfer text messages and videos to the recipient in addition to just audio. Many VaaS apps that are available for smartphones or tablets now include text messaging that allows users to conserve texts through their wireless carriers.


Easy Startup & Exceptional Support

Get up and running quickly. Setting up the system is quick and easy, your phones arrive pre-configured to work on the system and ready to plug in. Manage your services from a desktop through our user-friendly admin portal. Assistance is available from our exceptional tech support team when you need them.


Connect Seamlessly and Save Up to 50% on Your Business Phone Service

Provide us with a copy of your existing phone bill and we will show you exactly how much money you could save with Kinetix VaaS (VoIP - Voice Over IP).

  • Never purchase another business phone system or pay maintenance again!

  • Customize your business phones and features to increase productivity and profitability

  • Big Business Presence on a Small Business Budget

  • A business phone system that enables a mobilized work force


Service Plan Flexibilty

Choose the service plan that fits you. Never purchase another phone system or pay maintenance again!

Compelling Arguments to Buy Kinetix Hosted Voice Service

  • One Plan Covers Multiple Sites - With VaaS (VoIP), you can do away with the expense and hassle of multiple business phone systems and phone bills.

  • Work From Anywhere - Allows employees to take their phone home, transfer calls to their cell phone, or even set up their extension to ring multiple lines at the same time.

  • Disaster Recovery - You will never miss another call again because of phone line, power or Internet outages at you business location.

  • Smart Phone = Desk Phone - You can download the free-hosted PBX App and your smart phones can become your desk phone from any location.

  • Voicemail to Email - This convenient feature allows you to receive voicemail at a designated email address with the option to save permanently in email folders for reference.

  • Paperless Fax - A quick and easy way for you to send and receive faxes, send a fax like email, receive inbound faxes to your email and all without the hassle of wasted paper, expensive toner or outdated fax machines.

  • Route Calls Automatically - Calls can be routed according to hours of operation, department responsibilities, events, worker schedules, caller ID, and other important criteria.

  • Popular Features - Voice to Email; Find me, Follow Me; Virtual Receptionist; Call Recording; Paperless Fax; Call Group.