Changes in targeted ads?

Google Advertising Policy Update

Changes in targeted ads? Advertisers! Google is updating its personalized advertising policies and introducing new targeting restrictions. Previously, Housing, employment and credit products or...

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work from home image

6 Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to the Office

By: Caitlin Chelette, Digital Media Manager As states begin the process of opening for normal life, many who have been working from home for the last month and a half may look at returning to the...

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marketing services for restaurant or food service business

Kinetix for Food & Beverage

restaurant or food service business marketing agency and reputation management Serving Up Crafted Results Generating new business in the food and beverage industry takes a thorough understanding of...

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Online reputation management and reviews

Reputation Management

WHAT IS ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Online reputation management is how you can take control of your business’s reputation. The buzz of your business found...

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social media management for business

Are you getting the most out of your business's social media?

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Business’s Social Media? In the fast-paced age of technology it can be easy to get lost in the ever-changing trends each season. Here are some tips to stay ahead...

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facbook privacy scandal april 2018

Don’t let Facebook scandals scare your Business

Don’t let Facebook scandals scare your Business In April 2018, a political consulting firm harvested personal information from 87 million Facebook profiles. That’s a lot of people and it sounds...

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Determining Your Business’ Competitive Advantage

Determining Your Business’ Competitive Advantage

Almost every business knows how to market and boast the benefits of their brand, but the most successful businesses are those that boast about their unique benefits. They tell you (the consumer) what...

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Kinetix Digital Marketing

Why can't I see my ads?

You defined goals, found your target audience, chose channels and platforms for your campaign, you did keyword research and so many other considerably time-consuming tasks before you actually placed ...

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buying likes on facebook

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Likes and Followers for Your Business

Growing a social media presence for your business is no easy task; it takes time and commitment. At some point in your process of social media management, it may seem tempting to buy your likes and...

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Alex Winter Fête 2018

Once again, Winter Fête has come and gone, leaving us longing for just a little more. As usual, Downtown Alexandria, LA was transformed into a real Christmas experience, filling the streets with...

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