Why is SEO important for your business?

Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) important for your business? In today's market, SEO is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their...

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Using Twitter for Business

Three-quarter of companies with an online presence are now using Twitter for marketing purposes. Twitter allows your business to connect with new audiences and can impact your business in a positive...

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Kinetix Website Development & Management

Website Development & Management

Website Development Creating a visually appealing, easy to navigate website for your customers is crucial in today’s business world. Kinetix is here to help you create an even more successful website...

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Kinetix Google Partnership

Google Partnership

Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Kinetix  has proven knowledge of Google AdWords and has it's own digital marketing experts dedicated to marketing your business throughout the web. Direct...

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Copeland's Brass Pearl

Copeland’s Brass Pearl

Crafting a New Restaurant Experience Copeland of New Orleans turned its eyes to Alexandria, LA to create an all-new concept focused on the wants and needs of the local community. As a part of their...

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