Virtual Servers and Cloud Service Providers near me Alexandria, la

Cloud Services

Kinetix Cloud Services are comprised of hardware or software made available from a remote location over a public network. Leveraging the Kinetix data center in Alexandria, LA, Kinetix is able to keep a customer’s hardware, applications and data highly available while allowing our customers to remove the pressures of maintaining their critical onsite IT infrastructure. Every solution is different and can be designed/ secured uniquely, but most applications stored in the Kinetix Cloud can be made available for remote access from any device to truly untether your mobile workforce.

Cloud Email

Take advantage of the world’s leading business email solution without the considerable expense, deployment delays, or technical resources needed to monitor and maintain an in-house email server around the clock.

Email Training

Phishing websites and emails are designed to trick you into disclosing your login, password, or other sensitive info by disguising themselves as trusted senders. Kinetix can provide the necessary tools to protect your employees from malicious emails.

Virtual Servers

Kinetix can provide you with virtualized servers at a secure, fully managed data center, minimizing your hardware investment and providing you and your employees with around-the-clock support for server, desktop, network, email and security.

Data Backup

Effective, Robust, Fast, and Secure backup solutions for large and small businesses. We offer advanced security measures to protect your data from potential security risks. Data safety is paramount in this new age of “Ransomware”


Many businesses are interested in storing their content in an online storage solution that makes it easy to access, manage or share from any location with any device. KloudStor addresses concerns about the ease of migration and provides a simple, secure, multi-device access model for online storage.

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