Kloudstor Cloud Storage service and cloud mobile app

KloudStor Cloud Storage

Many businesses are interested in storing their content in an online storage solution that makes it easy to access, manage or share from any location with any device. KloudStor addresses concerns about the ease of migration and provides a simple, secure, multi-device access model for online storage.

Access & Share your Files From Any Device, Anytime

Kinetix KloudStor allows businesses to provide simple, secure access to online storage for all their backup, synchronization and collaboration needs. With our Cloud storage solution, users can continue to use familiar paradigms like mapped drives, file shares and applications on their mobile devices to leverage online storage.


Group Sharing & Management - KloudStor lets you quickly and easily collaborate securely with anyone. Share large files and connect with co-workers and partners on any device in any location.

Access Your Files From Anywhere - KloudStor provides access to your files via web browser, native desktop client, iOS App, Android App, and file server.

Secure File Synchronization - KloudStor keeps your files synchronized across cloud storage, file servers, desktops and mobile devices in multiple locations using enterprise class security.

KloudStor Vs. Other Services

KloudStor sync and share solutions have better performance, security, control and flexibility when compared to the competition. For example, mapped drives on Mac and Windows clients offer on demand synchronization which is very bandwidth efficient, especially when combined with local caching technologies. The platform offers the flexibility to use local file servers or private cloud storage for enhanced control and security. With KloudStor you can have all the utility of popular cloud solutions while maintaining traditional levels of control and security.

KloudStor vs. other services

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