Virtual Servers and managed website hosting in alexandria, la

Virtual Servers

Windows Servers sit at the very core of most businesses as management and staff need the centralized access to business applications and assets. It is the first action taken by “logging in” to the business network so as to create that identity so work can begin each and every day.

Most “Cloud Based” applications integrate with Microsoft’s Active Directory as the primary method to control and identify access to applications and assets of the business. This alone tells you how important a Server is for your business.

Why You Need a Server

A Windows Server is designed specifically for businesses as it provides businesses with the technology to do the following even when the “mainline” business application may be cloud based by the application provider.

Microsoft Hosted Exchanged Email - Take advantage of the world’s leading business email solution without the considerable expense, deployment delays, or technical resources needed to monitor and maintain an in-house email server around the clock.

Online Data Backup & Replication - Safeguard your critical business data from loss due to computer theft, data corruption, natural disaster or human error with our desktop data backup service.

Managed Hosting - Let us take the burden of IT management off your shoulders. Our around-the-clock IT management, monitoring, support and uptime service-level agreement ensures continuous uptime and network reliability for a fixed monthly cost.

Hosted Desktop Virtualization - Kinetix can provide you with virtualized servers at a secure, fully managed data center, minimizing your hardware investment and providing you and your employees with around-the-clock support for server, desktop, network, email and security.

Premium Email Archiving Services - You can retrieve data quickly and easily without technical assistance using our hosted email archiving or archiving for compliance services. Archive an unlimited amount of data for an unlimited length of time for as long as you are a customer.

Spam Filtering - Block more than 99% of unwanted and unwelcome emails, viruses, and other threats, and save hours in lost productivity with our premium hosted spam filtering service. Kinetix also offers effective Security Awareness Training for your business email.

Real World Scenarios

Every user of a computer must have a user name whether stand-alone or networked. Why not have them part of a network so once the user logs on they can share resources such as printers, storage and applications. Would you rather have your Accounting Program on the Server in one location with 4 persons accessing it from their Server and there by being sure it is getting “backed up” each day, or multiple times a day, or having everyone with their own install of the accounting app on a PC?

Shared documents. If a document exist on a PC and that employee is out on vacation, how do you get to it if need be? Hack their password, call them or worse… With a Server, all documents can be located in folders to be shared by users or groups as needed.

If an employee leaves, information can be protected and retained with a server. If applications and data solely reside on a standalone PC, the employee can simple delete all and the business loses all. With a Server and Centralized Backup, the business retains information even during a malicious attempt to delete from a PC.

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