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At Kinetix, we take your data security seriously. Our server experts offer the best methods and products that can ensure your privacy and compliance at a lower cost. In today’s age, cloud-based solutions are more susceptible to security threats, poor latency, and bigger expenses. These issues can be eliminated with better hardware and managed services from Kinetix.

Advanced Networking Strategy & Design - Whether you need to connect your business locations seemlessly or construct a server farm, our technical staff is equip with the knowledge and experience to handle your challenges.

Performance & Maintenance - Our IT actively works to optimize and manage your servers and other vital network devices. With our NOC enterprise-class technology and monthly Network Health Reports, Kinetix can identify, report, and resolve critical issues in real time.

Security & Backup Management - Our support team keeps your environment secure, protected and available through industry best-practices. Our around-the-clock support team ensures the critical network devices that comprise your business network are healthy and reliable.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email - Take advantage of the world’s leading business email solution without the considerable expense, deployment delays, or technical resources needed to monitor and maintain an in-house email server around the clock.

The Shift From the Cloud

While the cloud offers many benefits and utilities, businesses are moving their vital data onsite. For many organizations, an internal infrastructure is more efficient and reliable than cloud-based technology. Onsite data solutions offer predictable cost savings, improved latency to prevent slow-downs, and increased security for peace of mind.

Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 Extended Support Ending January 2020

Like many other legacy software, Microsoft will be ending their Extended Support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Exchange Server 2010. By January 2020, these platforms will no longer receive updates to fix security exploits and other issues. Any workstations or servers running this software will be vulnerable which will pose a severe threat to your business data and compliance. (Ex: HIPPA) Connect with us today! Our experts can strategically update your hardware and software to avoid placing your business and customers at risk.

Hardware & Data Storage/Backup

Kinetix is always ready to help your business. Between our top-tier solutions and experienced IT staff, we can upgrade and manage your equipment with ease. Outdated servers or storage equipment can be very costly. It can lead to poor productivity, lower revenue, data loss, or non-compliance. Hardware as a Service is able to cover the most important aspects of your technology needs and can alleviate many hardware headaches while providing some big benefits. Never pay for new hardware again; upgrade your technology for a minimum cost.

Data safety is paramount in this new age of “Ransomware.” Kinetix also offers effective backup solutions for large and small businesses with advanced security measures to protect your data from potential security risks. Learn more about the importance of Data Backup.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Business Partner

Our team prides itself in being a Business Partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. With our top-rated vendors and the expert team of certified technicians, Kinetix can offer unparalleled solutions and award-winning customer service all under one cost.

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