Security Information & Event Management / Network Detection & Response NDR Security

SIEM / NDR Network Monitoring

Security Information and Event Management / Network Detection & Response

Proactive Defense

Don’t wait for attackers to strike. We are proactive, not reactive to defending your data. In the world of cybersecurity, typical perimeter defenses are not sufficient to keep expert hackers from stealing your information. Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) program is an advanced system that doesn’t wait for hackers to strike before defending your devices. 

Early Detection

SIEM collects the activity data your devices log and actively searches for deviations in log patterns. This notifies analysts early on of suspicious activities that could lead to an attack. 

NDR Security Threat-Hunting Software

To complement SIEM, our Network Detection & Response (NDR) searches network communications in real-time. This program hunts security threats from a different angle than SIEM. Having both systems with our services significantly decreases your risk and increases your ability to hunt attackers and get rid of them before they strike.