Kinetix managed service provider and marketing and design in alexandria, la

What We Do

We believe that the right solution can provide the power to unlimited success. We are here to find your pain points and change them into assets, even if that means we aren’t the one providing the solution.

We want to be a part of streamlining your unique structure and environment by taking on your business challenges. We guarantee that when these challenges arise, you will receive the best in services and support from Kinetix.


At Kinetix, we are veterans in solving some of the most complex problems across a number of dynamic industries. Our team of seasoned IT professionals has helped companies around the state implement cutting-edge technology solutions such as cloud, hardware, and internet to overcome some of the most vexing and persistent challenges.

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At Kinetix we value this intellectual capital for ourselves and for the clients we serve. We know that marketing is what creates customers, generates income and guides the future of a business. It is what defines your success or failure.

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