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Voice Over IP (vOip)

Kinetix Voice, powered by 3CX, is different than other local VoIP services; we are a one-stop-shop! Voice by Kinetix operates more efficiently and, in many cases, for less than you’re paying now. We have the hardware, software, and know-how, all under one roof. It is built on a purpose-built network that can run even when there is a power outage.

Kinetix Voice Solutions provides efficient day-to-day communications as well as the ability to conference, transfer, or video call from your cell phone or laptop.

This phone service is completely dependent upon a stable internet connection. Ask us about Kinetix Fiber in your area.

Provide us with a copy of your existing phone bill and we can show you just how much you can save with Kinetix Voice over IP (VoIP).

One Plan, Multiple sites.

Compelling VOIP Features

Mobile App

Download the free-hosted PBX App and your smart phones can become your desk phone from any location.

SMS Texting

Text to office numbers. Texts would be received and replied through email.

Video Conferencing

Schedule a video conference on the spot, or elevate an ongoing call.


Calls can be routed according to hours of operation, department responsibilities, events, worker schedules, caller ID, and other important criteria.

Voicemail to Email

This convenient feature allows you to receive voicemail at a designated email address with the option to save permanently in email folders for reference.

Disaster Recovery

You will never miss another call again because of phone line, power or Internet outages at your business location.

Work From Anywhere

Allows employees to take their phone home, transfer calls to their cell phone, or even set up their extension to ring multiple lines at the same time.

Paperless Fax

A quick and easy way for you to send and receive faxes, send a fax like email, receive inbound faxes to your email and all without the hassle of wasted paper, expensive toner or outdated fax machines.