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Managed Cyber Security Services

Managed Cyber Security Services

you are a TARGET of cybercrime

Kinetix is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with proven experience and exceptional qualifications. Kinetix is uniquely poised to secure and manage your company’s technology services either exclusively or along with your internal IT team. 

It’s vital that your data remains private for the protection of your customers and the viability of your business.

Kinetix’s veteran team of IT professionals and active security partnerships are ready to react to real time threats and identify and respond to system vulnerabilities before a breach occurs.

MSSP Assessment


Every employee at your business is at risk. Take this free assessment to learn more about the cyber security health of your business.


Benefits of a security partnership

Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring

We recognize that technology is constantly growing and changing. To stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients with quality security, we are constantly looking for better ways to protect you and your information. Our continuous vulnerability monitoring ensures your cybersecurity adapts to any technological changes. When patches are found, we are able to reinforce high-risk areas before a cyberthreat occurs.

Endpoint Detections & Response (EDR)

Endpoints are the computer hardware devices on your network. This can be desktop computer, phones, laptops, printers, and other specialized hardware. With our Endpoint Detections and Response tool, we can actively monitor and protect every endpoint on your network.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Have you ever been asked to provide a second or even third form of identification when logging into an account? This is multifactor authentication (MFA). By verifying the identity of people accessing your data, our MFA product makes it more difficult for hackers to break into your network. Our technical team can look at the devices accessing your corporate applications in real-time to ensure they are secure and trustworthy.

Next-Gen Anti-Virus

Capable of detecting disguised malware and suspicious content, the selective filtering of Next-Gen Anti-Virus is incomparable to its predecessors. It strengthens your network’s infrastructure to create a solid line of defense providing well-rounded protection that defends against and fights intruders.

Next-Gen Firewall

Your devices’ firewall must be more than just a barrier between your data and attackers. The Next Generation Firewall we offer goes beyond traditional firewalls. It is capable of detecting disguised malware and suspicious content.

SIEM/NDR Monitoring

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) program is an advanced system that doesn’t wait for hackers to strike before defending your devices. SIEM collects the activity data your devices log and actively searches for deviations in log patterns. This notifies analysts early on of suspicious activities that could lead to an attack. To complement SIEM, our Network Detection & Response (NDR) searches network communications in real-time. This program hunts security threats from a different angle than SIEM. Having both systems with our services significantly decreases your risk and increases your ability to hunt attackers and get rid of them before they strike.

“The Cybersecurity Ventures analysis predicts that there will be a new attack every 2 seconds as ransomware perpetrators progressively refine their malware payloads and related extortion activities.”

– Forbes Magazine