Business Technology Services

Managed Backup Services


Be Prepared

If something were to happen to your devices, would you able to recover the damages? Technology is unpredictable at times and we must be prepared for the worst.

Keep your valuable information secured in case of a disaster with our secure verified data backup.

Data backup is the extra step we take to protect you from losing network information due to computers crashing, hacks, or natural disasters.

We offer advanced security measures to protect your data from potential security risks.  You can confidently save your work knowing we have your back. 
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Benefits of a partnership

Experienced Experts

The ins and outs of data backup, protection, and recovery are complex. With Managed Data Backup, you have 24/7 access to local experts who have experience in navigating these sophisticated technology systems and recoveries. 


Managed Data Backup empowers businesses to take control of their data recovery plan and protects your sensitive information from disasters, hackers, and everyday human error.

Regulatory Compliance

Companies such as hospitals and clinics are required to guard sensitive medical records and personal information in their technology systems. Our professional security team keeps you up-to-date on legal requirements in your industry.

Quick Response

If your data is ever compromised, our Data Backup team responds immediately and works until your business is back up and running.

Peace of Mind

Data has become a business's most valuable resource. The possibility of losing data and the dangers of hacking is a valid concern today. Knowing your sensitive information is secure and protected can bring you peace of mind with cyberattacks on the rise.

“New strains of encrypting ransomware are now showing up every week, so businesses have to remain vigilant and ensure they supplement strong security defenses with security best practices. It is vital to back up and archive critical data, only open email attachments from trusted or verified senders and disable Microsoft Office macros by default, only to be enabled when absolutely necessary.”

– InfoSecurity Magazine