Hardtner Medical Center

Hardtner Medical Center

When Rural Hospitals Need Big Technology

“The world of healthcare continues to change and with that the technology advances are astounding. The rapid improvement of software and hardware continues to require current knowledge of all of the capabilities of the newest technology. The federal government has mandated that all hospitals implement electronic health records and has created a funding mechanism to accomplish this feat. However, software and hardware companies have been scurrying to be able to provide the sudden increased demand for products. Small rural hospitals such as ours require the same level of expertise as the larger hospitals. However, the pool for high quality IT personnel was virtually non-existent in rural Louisiana.”

Why This Administrator Partners with Kinetix

“After contacting several companies, Kinetix Technologies based in Alexandria, LA was determined to have the best business model and staff to provide support for small businesses including hospitals. We have had no regrets in contracting with Kinetix to provide full IT support for both software and hardware. Their staff has the expertise to provide the services that we need. Kinetix has been instrumental in making foundational changes to our hardware and infrastructure to accomplish the advances in technology that we desire. We can trust that they are looking out for our best interests and providing recommendations for the most cost effective ways of meeting our requirements for meaningful use and full support of the total information systems.”

“I would definitely recommend Kinetix Technologies for any small business or small hospital especially those who may not have the in-house IT support they need. However, for those who may have IT personnel on staff, Kinetix is an excellent support system and can make the staff IT job much more manageable.”

– Paul Mathews, FHFMA CPA, Administrator of Hardtner Medical Center