Livestreams and Marketing Strategies

Livestreams and Marketing Strategies - Kinetix

One in every five Facebook videos are live broadcast. Engagement for live video is much higher than non-live content. People watch live videos because they want to be a part of what is going on around them. If you live stream an event and let people get to know more about the event, it is likely they will buy a ticket or attend a similar event. It is a way to let customers or potential customers understand your business; it is a way to build a relationship. It is essential to make sure all of your video content is on brand and relevant. It could also be helpful to use technology that tracks useful information such as the age-range that views the video and how long people watched the video. Facebook and Twitter are the fastest growing social media platforms for livestreaming. People are watching video content over non-video content which is how live streams create engagement. A great way to get people engaged is to give people a behind-the-scenes look into your business, answer common questions, and demo products. People are more likely to look into buying a product if they see it being used. If you live stream a product demo, people can chime in with questions and concerns about the product on display. Live streams can add a personalized touch to how you market your brand; it allows you to personally engage with your customers and develop connections.