Using Twitter for Business

Twitter Marketing - Kinetix

Three-quarter of companies with an online presence are now using Twitter for marketing purposes. Twitter allows your business to connect with new audiences and can impact your business in a positive way if it is used correctly. If it is used incorrectly, your brand can seriously suffer from a foolish tweet. One way Twitter can help is by monitoring companies. Twitter lets you keep tabs on your competition by searching what people are saying about a certain topic which allows you to monitor your competitor. Twitter is also a great networking tool. Twitter will give you the chance to communicate with people you may not usually interact with. Twitter is good for posting events, products, and services you offer but is even better for giving your customers a chance to speak their minds about your business. It offers bits of information to make your business stronger. The social media platform also allows you to pin a tweet. A pinned tweet is the first thing people see when they visit your profile. You can edit or switch out a pinned tweet whenever you want. Your Twitter handle, or username, should be easily identifiable by the people you are trying to reach. Your business’s bio should include your location, phone number, business hours, and a link to your website.  If you decide using Twitter will help your company, make sure you’re not labeled a “spammer” by potential or current customers by limiting how many times you post per week and keeping the content you decide to post current and relevant.