What is cybersecurity and why does my business need it?


What is cybersecurity and why does my business need it?

Cybersecurity is the protection of hardware, software and data (your own or your clients’) against criminal or unauthorized use, sometimes referred to as cyberattacks.

Companies as large as Target have fallen victim to serious cyberattacks. But don’t assume that the attackers are only worried about the big businesses. According to Symantec, an American Software Company, 43% of all cyberattacks in the year 2015 were made against businesses that employed less than 250 people.

Obviously cybersecurity is serious, but how do I know if my business is secure? Seeking advice from eyes outside of your business is a great first step. Kinetix can offer you a technology consultation, and see how your business can be adjusted and made more secure, possibly even using Kinetix fiber solutions.
Now if you have gotten this far and started googling cybersecurity and seen a nice cybersecurity insurance policy, don’t let that be your only step to action. Insurance alone is not a complete cybersecurity plan. Most policies actually have very strict guidelines for companies looking for coverage. So if you are attacked and file a claim, the insurance company will first verify that you are in compliance with their policies before paying the claim.

This may sound intimidating and over your head, but contact Kinetix today if you have a question about your business’ security!