Why You Shouldn’t Buy Likes and Followers for Your Business

buying likes on facebook

Growing a social media presence for your business is no easy task; it takes time and commitment. At some point in your process of social media management, it may seem tempting to buy your likes and followers. We are here to explain why this can actually be far worse for your page than you might expect.

First, and possibly most important, buying followers will undoubtedly cause your engagement rate to drop. The ‘accounts’ that you are paying to like your page are mostly bots, and have no real interest in you or your content. They almost never like your posts, comment or share a single thing. When the Facebook algorithm sees your amount of followers, and your far lower rate of engagement, it will kill your chances of organically showing up in your real followers’ feeds; the people who can actually make you money!

Now think of this next point from a non-business perspective; a citizen’s point of view. If you saw a page with 30,000 likes and an average of 10-15 likes per post, would you trust or even engage with that brand? Probably not. People can see through your fake followers and it can quickly damage your business’ reputation.

Do not forget that buying followers actually makes you no money in the end. These accounts and bots will never visit your website, never interact, and never increase your ROI. Think about all the things that could benefit from that money in your marketing plan!

Having high numbers seems nice, but do not short yourself or your hard work. Keep making authentic, high-quality content that will increase your numbers organically. How much sweeter is 30,000 followers when you put in the effort instead of a credit card number?