Why can’t I see my ads?

Kinetix Digital Marketing

You defined goals, found your target audience, chose channels and platforms for your campaign, you did keyword research and so many other considerably time-consuming tasks before you actually placed your ads. Finally, your work is out and can be consumed. But why aren’t you seeing your ad?? Is it not working? Are you wasting money on this digital campaign?

Yes, it is working. No you are not wasting money.

The digital marketing world is so much different than traditional mass media; like seeing your commercial on a TV spot, or driving to your regular coffee spot and passing your billboard. Traditional media is predictable and physical. So don’t feel down if the digital world seems impossible to understand or even ‘conquer.’

Let’s start with the basics. When you setup your ad campaign, you defined your audience. Tons of demographic information can be identified to narrow down the target audience for your content! Maybe you want to target CEOs, or young women, or people in the food service industry. Anything.

Once this is determined, there are hundreds of data points that are collected and analyzed by Google and other ad-hosting sites, that disperse your content to people that it believes are actually interestedin your ad. And this is the great thing about digital marketing! You can specifically target the people who really want to buy your product or service.

“But I really want to see my ad in action!”

Sometimes, by not seeing your ad, this can verify that it really is doing its job. Are you the target audience? Have you been recently searching for a new pair of shoes, Mr. Manager of the local Nike store? If you haven’t, Google doesn’t think your ad will be relevant information that you will be interested in. And it’s right!

But let’s say you do happen to be served up your ad someday. Here is our biggest piece of advice: DON’T CLICK ON IT. You will have to pay for that click! The entire idea behind paid search ads, is paying per click. So leave your ad alone, and let your real customers do the clicking.

If you really need to see that your ad is running and the way it looks when displayed, Google has plenty of tools in its tool belt to let you do so. This will prevent you from increasing your impressions and simultaneously lowering your click thru rates, which leads to higher costs.

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