Professional Photography on Your Smartphone


Pictures have long been used to tell stories. A powerful image can incite emotion, inspire or simply get more likes on Instagram. The clean, professional look is what most social media users strive for. But, you don’t need a professional camera to take professional photos. Most iPhone cameras have the potential to take quality pictures from the palm of your hand! With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be shooting like a pro in no time!

  1. Try different perspectives.
    When taking a picture, try kneeling down, standing on something or shooting it from the side. Adding an angle can instantly make an image more dynamic. It gives the viewer a perspective they may have never seen before!

  1. Follow the rule of thirds.
    The rule of thirds is a rule all content creators swear by. The rule is simple and your phone can make it even easier for you. Turn on the grid option in the camera settings on your phone. Once you do this, your camera will have two horizontal lines and two vertical lines on the screen in a grid format. Where the lines cross to make a “t” is where you should place the focal point of your pictures. This makes the photo more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Create depth perception.
    If you want your pictures to stand out, create depth of field. Photos are typically more visually interesting when they have three distinct layers: a foreground, middle ground, and background. Surrounding your focal point with things in front and behind it that are out of focus draws the viewer in. Adding depth will make your pictures pop!

  1. Decide the exact point you want the camera to focus on.
    When taking a picture on an iPhone, you can determine where you want your focal point to be by tapping it on your phone screen. If you don’t do this, the camera on your phone will assume the place you want to be in focus. Telling it where to focus ensures you get the image you want and will make it razor sharp!

  1. Get Creative!
    Photography, whether it’s from a DSLR or an iPhone, is all about seeing the world in a new way! Experiment with your shots by trying new, fun things. If you don’t like it, try something different. The possibilities are endless!