What is IGTV?

What is IGTV instagram tv

Instagram rolled out its video-sharing application back in June of 2018. Since then, many users are taking full advantage of the app. But what exactly is it, and how can you use it?

Before IGTV, any video uploaded to Instagram had to fit within the 60-second maximum. With the addition of IGTV, virtually any user can upload way beyond that one-minute limit.  Accounts with larger follower counts can even upload up to an hour in length.

At release, IGTV was still limited to strictly vertical video (video recorded in portrait mode), but in the May 2018 update, changed this, to now support horizontal video.

The convenient part of IGTV is that, while it exists in its own app, it can also be used inside the Instagram app.

All of Instagram’s photo-favorites, like stickers, filters, and sending private messages will all be accessible when filming with IGTV. Clips can even be uploaded straight to the app from a desktop.

Although fairly new to the video streaming world, IGTV is starting to find its audience. Maybe after reading this, that audience is you.