Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Personalized Text Message Marketing

What is the best way to reach mass amounts of people, on a personalized level, quickly? SMS text message marketing! “Text message marketing is efficient and cost-effective for reaching customers, with 98% of messages opened within 3 minutes of receipt, and a 45% or higher response rate.” A text message will always be seen and considering the fact that text message marketing has to be opted into, its more likely that your customer will want to see the promotions.

Quick and Cost-effective

Text marketing is one of the best way to reach mass amounts of consumers with very low cost, and it is a quick way to advertise 24-hour sales. “Research shows that mobile text marketing is 66% less costly for business advertisements as compared to other forms of advertising…. A survey showed that 82% of the respondents open every text message that they receive.” So, if you are looking for a quick and cost-effective way to reach as many consumers as possible, take a look into SMS text message marketing!

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