In Defense of Multi-Factor Authentication

Managed email services

You’re logging into your account. You put in that long, complicated password that IT recommended you set. But even that’s not enough—the site wants something else too: a randomly generated code you have to pull up on your phone that refreshes after 30 seconds. After digging your phone out of your pocket and waiting for the six-digit number to reset, that final step allows you access to your account.  When did logging in get so complicated?

At this point, we’ve all dealt with the minor inconvenience of two-factor authentication. While it can seem pointless to essentially put in a password twice, two-factor authentication serves a very important purpose: confirming your identity. All it takes for your account to be compromised is for your password to fall into the wrong hands. By requiring you to input a code that only you have access to through your phone, email, or smartwatch, two-factor authentication ensures that you are the only one that has access to your account, and therefore your data.

Managed Security Service Providers combine tools like two-factor authentication with other security measures to minimize the risk of having your data compromised. The importance of having a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) for your company cannot be understated. Kinetix, as an MSSP, provides your business with constantly updating monitoring tools and incomparable customer service to keep your accounts, your business, and your customers safe.

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