Endpoint Detection and Response

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In 2004, October was declared Cybersecurity Awareness Month by the President of the United States and Congress. Since then, cyber threats and breaches have only increased in complexity and scale. To emphasize the importance of having a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), this month’s series of blog posts will showcase the services Kinetix can offer you as your MSSP to help ensure that you, your business, and even your personal data are all protected.

One of the security services we provide is endpoint detection and response tools. An endpoint is any device connected to your network. Whether it is your computer, phone, smart device, or a printer, most devices in your office require a connection to the internet and therefore will be connected to your network. However, with each endpoint comes a new entrance to your network and the possibility of a new vulnerability. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by cyberattacks. For example, malicious software that was already installed on a device before connecting can infect other devices connected to your network. Our next-gen antivirus, SentinelOne, uses AI-based behavioral analysis to monitor applications and send up alerts for suspicious activity. Any suspicious activity is reported to our team, and we can then thoroughly check the status of your device and data to ensure their safety.

With our endpoint detection and response services, we can help secure your devices and data by monitoring and protecting each device on your network. SentinelOne stops malicious software in its tracks and allows you the comfort of knowing your network is protected.