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Kinetix has partnered with SentinelOne to prevent tomorrow’s threats. Today. 
As healthcare organizations continue to rely on data and an array of dated applications for cyber security, their vulnerability to cyber threats increases. The need for in-house and third-party personnel, software platforms, and security solutions make it difficult to ensure that all systems are HIPAA-compliant. This is where Kinetix Cyber Security Services come in, providing a comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations’ data security challenges. With our parnters, SentinelOne, Kinetix’s experienced team of experts offers a way to safeguard PHI and maintain HIPPAA Compliance.

SentinelOne is a next-generation, smart security platform that protects against advanced cybersecurity threats & malware. This platform detects & responds to threats in real-time, making it uniquely qualified to handle sophisticated cyberattacks that are common in the healthcare industry.

Cybercriminals attack small to mid-sized healthcare companies in hopes they don’t invest the time or money into an effective cybersecurity system. They’re right.
75% of the healthcare sector dedicates only 6% or less of its budget to IT security.
In 2021, the well-known vendor Eye Care Leaders was the target of one of the biggest cyberattacks to date, affecting 3.6 million patients through client databases.
With malware on the rise & you as the target, the healthcare industrydemands the highest levels of prevention, detection, and response cybersecurity.

Kinetix is proud to be powered by its expert-level industry professionals right here in Alexandria, Louisiana. When you call our business, you will speak directly to one of our experienced, trusted team members that has dealt with defending sensitive data firsthand. At the same time, partnering with SentinelOne broadens our reach & enhances our expertise in order to give clients comprehensive security solutions before they happen.

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