Kinetix Partners with Monroe Chamber of Commerce for “It’s a Beautiful Day” Campaign: A Celebration of Community and Creativity

Kinetix, a proud member and partner of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, recently collaborated to create a vibrant, hand-drawn mural for the Chamber’s It’s a Beautiful Day Campaign. This grassroots movement aims to counteract apathy surrounding the Monroe area by highlighting the many positive aspects of life in Northeast Louisiana.

The Vision Behind the “It’s a Beautiful Day” Campaign

Roy Heatherly, President and CEO of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, saw a need to tell Monroe’s story and showcase the incredible developments happening in the region. The Beautiful Day Campaign has several key goals in mind:

  • Building Monroe Chamber Brand Awareness: Increasing the visibility and recognition of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce.
  • Member Awareness, Growth, and Retention: Enhancing engagement and satisfaction among Chamber members.
  • Branding Monroe and Ouachita Parish: Promoting the unique identity and strengths of the region.
  • Building Community Pride: Creating an environment where local businesses can thrive.
  • Owning Our Story: Celebrating the unique attributes and successes of Monroe and Ouachita Parish.

Kinetix has been instrumental in the strategic planning and execution of the campaign’s print, outdoor, radio, and digital promotions. By bringing their expertise in marketing and IT services to the table, Kinetix has helped ensure the “It’s a Beautiful Day” campaign reaches a wide audience and effectively communicates its positive message.

The campaign utilizes engaging and compelling advertising and broadcast content to promote the message “It’s a Beautiful Day” and its positive impact on the community. The goal is to spread positivity and remind people of the region’s numerous benefits. 

The Monroe Chamber of Commerce’s Mission and Vision

A simple yet all-encompassing mission drives the Monroe Chamber of Commerce: “To Create an environment where OUR LOCAL businesses THRIVE!” The Chamber firmly believes in the distinct and exceptional story of Monroe and Ouachita Parish. As Roy Heatherly puts it: 

“Our mission is simple but all-encompassing: To create an environment where our local businesses thrive! We believe in our unique, exceptional, and amazing story. Monroe and Ouachita Parish are the center of the universe for us. This community is changing before our eyes, and we are writing new chapters for our stories daily. This is our finest hour. We are unapologetic about who we are, and we own our story. Every day, we wake up in a great city and parish. It is a BEAUTIFUL day.”  

Monroe, Louisiana Community Leaders

To make this vision come to life, Roy Heatherly enlisted the help of Leaders of Change, who support the campaign’s mission and drive conversations in their respective industries to create a lasting impact. Matt Dickerson with the Northeast Louisiana Manufacturing Alliance & Consortium shared his thoughts on the campaign: 

“The Beautiful Day campaign transcends mere slogan status; it has become a transformative force within our community. Our citizens now genuinely believe that our region truly experiences beautiful days, and this shift in perspective has positively influenced all levels of our community. When employees take pride in their community and are optimistic about our collective future, we witness increased productivity, collaboration, and overall well-being in the workplace.”

Kinetix’s Creative Process Behind the Mural

Amanda Chenevert, Creative Director at Kinetix, spearheaded the creative process for designing the mural. She explains: 

“Monroe is so vibrant, youthful, and art-forward, and we wanted a piece that emulated that. With such diverse offerings in art, education, history, industry, and more, weaving each of these pieces together in one mural really showcases the incredible depth of this growing community. Each of these little illustrations was hand-drawn with love, and we want this piece to be fun and engaging for visitors!”

The mural features elements residents can take pride in, including Monroe’s history, higher education institutions, and unique local offerings. It serves as a visual celebration of the community’s rich heritage and dynamic future. 

Mayor Friday Ellis on Celebrating Monroe’s Strengths

City of Monroe’s Mayor, Friday Ellis, emphasized the significance of the mural, stating: 

“The Beautiful Day Mural at our airport captures our rich history, vibrant culture, and unwavering commitment to quality of life, education, and healthcare, representing what makes Monroe extraordinary. As we combat apathy and celebrate our strengths, this mural warmly welcomes visitors and residents alike, reminding us all of the beauty and potential that exists in every corner of our city.”

The mural’s unveiling event on June 20th was a true celebration of Monroe’s spirit as attendees cheered and celebrated the impact of this creative masterpiece. 

The Beautiful Day Campaign is more than just a marketing initiative. It is a celebration of Monroe’s unique story, a rallying cry for community pride, and a commitment to creating an environment where local businesses can thrive. As the mural stands tall, it serves as a testament to the spirit of Monroe, inspiring both residents and visitors to appreciate the beauty and potential of this extraordinary community.

Before you go! Here’s what you can do next:

  • Be sure to take a selfie in front of the mural, post it online, and use #MonroeMural.
  • Join the fun with the Monroe Chamber of Commerce! Click here to become a member.
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