Our Marketing Team promotes and establishes your business in your niche, based on the products and services you offer. We will help you identify which products fit and where you should focus your marketing strategy, while maximizing your budget for the best results and coverage. We separate ourselves from the rest of the herd, by digging deep into the unique position of each of our customer situations. Success comes not from throwing numbers into an algorythm, but from truly understanding the business and the audience we are communicating with.

Kinetix Marketing Team will help your company build relationships with your audiences, engage your customers and create opportunities for increased revenue.



• Must be relentlessly relevant
• Making your brand an entire experience and your connection to your customers.
• Building a connected brand isn’t easy, it takes a strong brand strategy and equally strong plan
• Evaluating, analyzing and creating the personality and meaning of your brand
• Brand is paramount; it creates awareness, drives perception and improves desirability
• It is not your name, logo and tagline the entire experience your customers have with your company
• Brands with top of mind awareness have higher perceived value


• Defines what your company stands for, the promise your company makes and the personality your company conveys
• Brings your competitive positioning to life
• Positions you as a certain something in the mind of your customers
• Creates “brand equity” the amount of money one is willing to pay for your brand


• Define and Assess: Research, analytics & insight
• Strategic Planning: The brand roadmap
• Creative Approach: Designing and creating  
• Execution: Brand management & governance; every brand touch points; brand associations and strong awareness of brand’s identity
• Product & Service Design
• Connected Experiences

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