Email spam filtering and Cloud hosted email

Cloud Email

Take advantage of the world’s leading business email solution without the considerable expense, deployment delays, or technical resources needed to monitor and maintain an in-house Exchange email server around the clock.

Spam Filtering - Block unwanted and unwelcome emails, viruses, and other threats, and save hours in lost productivity with our premium spam filtering service. Kinetix also offers effective Security Awareness Training for your business email. 

Email Encryption - Ensure compliance with industry regulations/ standards by allowing end-users to send outbound email with our email encryption service. The service ensures all data sent within the email is encrypted using compliant industry standards to prevent the prying eyes of the internet from seeing private data transmitted through email.

Email client – Do you want your end-users to use the de-facto industry leading email client? Microsoft Outlook can be included with every Hosted Exchange mailbox to allow your users to take advantage of the enterprise features.

Account Management Portal – You can fully manage your end users without having to reach out to the Kinetix technical support staff. Using the provided user portal website, you will be able to add/ remove users, change account passwords, add additional email addresses to existing accounts, setup email forwarders, configure Exchange mailbox permission/ delegation and many other features.

Kinetix Support Services – As a customer of the Kinetix Hosted Exchange email solution, you will have access to the Kinetix support staff for your email-related issues. If you dislike calling a toll-free number and talking to a random tech, let our local and knowledgeable Kinetix IT staff handle your email issues.

Premium Email Archiving Services - You can retrieve data quickly and easily without technical assistance using our hosted email archiving or archiving for compliance services.

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