Same Day Med

Same Day Med Same Day Med has been serving central Louisiana with unparalleled service. Same Day Med came to Kinetix seeking new ways to solve their technology challenges. Hear from Hazem Nasser, ...

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LWAG - Louisiana Women in Agriculture

Louisiana Women in Agriculture

About the Conference The Louisiana Women in Agriculture Conference is a 2-day annual conference with the goal of growing Louisiana's future in agriculture through education, networking and...

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Stop Annoying Robocalls on your Phone

Mobile spam calls have been a nuisance for years, but over the last few months, it’s felt to me like there’s been a surge of them. I get between four and six calls daily, and a quick survey of...

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Beware of New Phishing Scam: Diverting Employees' Payroll Direct Deposits

Beware of payroll direct deposit phishing attacks! Employees will receive an email from a seemingly trustworthy company, prompting them to provide an e-signature or complete a survey. They will use...

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Hardtner Medical Center

When Rural Hospitals Need Big Technology “The world of healthcare continues to change and with that the technology advances are astounding. The rapid improvement of software and hardware continues to...

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How Dual Monitors can save you Time and Money

Initially, you may think that purchasing a second monitor for your employee’s work space is a colossal waste of money. What can you accomplish with a second monitor that you can’t with only one?...

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Copeland's Brass Pearl

Copeland’s Brass Pearl

Crafting a New Restaurant Experience Copeland of New Orleans turned its eyes to Alexandria, LA to create an all-new concept focused on the wants and needs of the local community. As a part of their...

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Access Radiology

Kinetix knows the healthcare environment and the importance of technology. Another partnership that demonstrates Kinetix wide variety of skill sets and flexibility is with Access Radiology. This...

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