In 2009, Kinetix expanded its host of managed services to include marketing and advertising. What started as a small website division has expanded into a full service agency providing web, digital, print and video solutions. We have worked within the smallest budgets, to national brands, and even international humanitarian efforts. 

The Creative team has a well-rounded background of work experience. With careers starting at some of the countries largest agencies, prestigous portfolio schools, and production houses halfway around the globe, whatever their reason for landing in Central Louisiana, we are most glad to have them on board. 

We separate ourselves from the rest of the herd, by digging deep into the unique position of each of our customer situations. Success comes not from throwing numbers into an algorythm, but from truly understanding the business and the audience we are communicating with.  

Balancing the line between established media, and trending platforms keeps your message in front of your customer at the right place and time. We are searching for partners who value long lasting, sustainable relationships.  Let us grow with you.

Our Goal

To assist you with making your business viable and profitable by applying our own philosophy and approach for positioning and promoting your company.  Kinetix Creative is here to assist with all your creative needs. 

Our Team 

Experts in branding, graphic design, web design, programming, videography, animation, and photography