How Dual Monitors can save you Time and Money

Dual Monitors - Kinetix

Initially, you may think that purchasing a second monitor for your employee’s work space is a colossal waste of money. What can you accomplish with a second monitor that you can’t with only one? While you can accomplish most tasks with only one monitor, two monitors allow you to accomplish the same tasks in a fraction of the time. In fact, dual monitors have been proven to increase productivity by 20-30 percent, according to The New York Times’s report of a Jon Peddie Research survey.

A second monitor helps to increase productivity by decreasing the time it takes to complete certain tasks. These tasks can consist of a variety processes such as:

  • Data entry
  • Drafting an email using source material
  • Comparing products side-by-side
  • Comparing an original image to the finished one in graphic design
  • Spreading large spreadsheets across two monitors to view a report in its entirety
  • Leaving a chat box open while you work.

Let’s look at how much time a second monitor can save you in data entry. Imagine you’re drafting your weekly reports.

  • First, you open your report template and locate which information you need to find.
  • Next, you open all of the related documents your employees have submitted to you.
  • After you open all of these documents, you go to the first document and scan it for the information you need.
  • You switch back to your report template and enter relevant information.
  • Then you switch back to the first document, double check that you entered the information correctly (because whose going to be able to remember all those numbers perfectly 100 percent of the time), and open the next document.
  • You repeat this process over and over again until your report has been compiled.