Determining Your Business’ Competitive Advantage

Determining Your Business’ Competitive Advantage

Almost every business knows how to market and boast the benefits of their brand, but the most successful businesses are those that boast about their unique benefits. They tell you (the consumer) what they can do for you better than anyone else can. In the marketing world, this unique benefit that you can offer to your consumer is your competitive advantage.

How can you determine your competitive advantage? Do you even have one right now? Here are some examples that may get some ideas flowing for you.

  • Experience/abilities: The skills of your employees may be far ahead of those in your competitive field.
  • Process: You are quick and efficient in returning a product (pharmaceuticals, car service, wardrobe altering, etc)
  • Reputation: What your customers and employees say about you is far more impressive than anyone else in your field.
  • Business Connections: Your network of connections can benefit your clients.
  • Location: Maybe you are the only jewelry store in a 50 mile radius.

These are only a few examples of competitive advantages. Hopefully it has helped you begin to realize your own advantage, or a way to begin making one!

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