Tech Hurricane Prep Tips

how to  Prepare Your Tech For A Storm

In Louisiana, we’re no stranger to storm preparation. We have the hurricane checklist down to a science: buy extra cases of water, make sure you have batteries, have food prepared, secure your home. With the home essentials taken care of, take a moment to do the same for your technology! Technology is how we stay connected to our friends, family, and local information. Plus, it probably holds important pictures, files, work, and personal information. Avoid a tech disaster with this tech checklist!

1. Charge Your Devices

Charge up your computer, phone, tablet, and any other tech device in preparation for power outages. Losing power during a storm is bad enough. You don’t want your phone to be on 20 percent while digging around for flashlights and batteries.

2. Charge Backup Batteries

In the same way, get all of your backup batteries out of the junk drawer and charge them as well. These are lifesavers and you can find them at your local Walmart or tech store!

3. Back-Up Your Data

Most of our devices have important information on them, work-related or personal. If you have files you DO NOT want to lose, back them up! You can do this using iCloud if you have Apple devices or Dropbox.

4. Download Essential Files Locally

Planning to work while you’re stuck inside? Be sure to save a copy of essential work files to your desktop. If the Internet goes down, you’ll still be able to get some things done.

5. Switch Off Cell Data for Non-Essential Apps

Go to your phone Settings > Cellular and scroll down. You’ll see a list of apps with an on/off switch next to each one. Leave on your email and communication apps, but turn off the ones that aren’t necessary. This will help preserve your battery!