Our SIEM Program

Cyber Security Services at Kinetix - managed cyber security services

A phishing link. A vulnerable wifi network. An easy-to-guess password. All of these things open doors for cybercriminals to access your data. But there are ways to protect yourself against these malicious attacks. Kinetix, as a Managed Security Services Provider, combines a variety of the most powerful, up-to-date online security services to protect your data from every angle.

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) program is constantly monitoring and collecting data about your device logins and usage patterns. As you use your devices, the program analyzes these patterns and searches for any deviations from your ordinary usage. This data makes it easier for our analysts to spot suspicious activity and track it back to the source. This, combined with our Endpoint Detection and Response tool, allows us to monitor your device activity in real time, constantly monitoring for any vulnerabilities.

Having an MSSP is a necessity for any company to stay safe in an age where everything is stored online. Take our MSSP assessment today to see how Kinetix can help protect your data.