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Kinetix internships looking for quality work experience? intern With Kinetix Kinetix offers a wide range of paid and college credit internship opportunities for students interested in technology and marketing. It’s an excellent way to gain practical experience, learn from industry leaders, and prepare for a rewarding career in technology or marketing. Kinetix offers internships in […]

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Consider IT Managed

Tired of Dropped Calls Slow Internet An Out-of-Sync Inbox ? Business Marketing & Technology Solutions Struggling with your IT or Marketing strategy and unsure of where to turn? Consider IT Managed With Kinetix Investing in quality marketing and technology services in 2023 is essential for businesses to remain competitive, engage with customers effectively, and differentiate themselves in a rapidly

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Kinetix for Law Enforcement

Uniquely qualified to provide Marketing & Technology for Law Enforcement Strategic Communication Build a strategic communications plan to effectively communicate with the public and maintain transparency. Things to Consider For Law Enforcement Agencies in 2024 Protecting your reputation online Enhance communication & collaboration Promote Recruitment / Retention Strategic Communication Build a strategic communications plan to

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Kinetix for Government

Sign Up for The Studio Uniquely qualified to provide Municipal Marketing & Technology Solutions The Crucial Role of Marketing & IT IN Municipalities Protecting & Communicating with Your Community Effectively In today’s digital era, municipalities face ever-increasing challenges in effectively communicating with their residents, promoting their area, and embracing technological advancements. Municipalities must balance the

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Kinetix for Healthcare

Uniquely qualified to provide Specialized Technology & Patient Marketing Healthcare cyber-risks: lives are at stake Data Security risks, the high value of Protected Health Information (PHI), & regulatory compliance laws place your CIO/CTO in a high stakes game of capture the flag where the consequences mean life & death. According to Forbes Insights, 46% of organizations

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Work from Home

Work from Home Telecommuting Package $ 65 and up (Monthly) VoIP (Voice Over IP) Next-Gen Anti-Virus Multi-Factor Authentification Remote IT Support Requires a $200 Setup Fee and pre-existing Firewall infrastructure. Contact us if your business needs a Next-Generation Firewall. Services Included VOICE OVER IP Never miss a client call again. This internet based phone service

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Who We Are

Business Technology Services Your business partner in Louisiana What We Do We believe that the right solution can provide the power to unlimited success. We are here to find your pain points and change them into assets, even if that means we aren’t the one providing the solution. We want to be a part of streamlining

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Business Technology

Business Technology Services Your business Technology partner in Louisiana solutions that work At Kinetix, we are veterans in solving some of the most complex technology problems. Our team of local, highly skilled professionals has helped companies across the state implement cutting-edge technology solutions & overcome business challenges.   We pride ourselves in installing & managing

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Integrated Marketing Services an agency that’s an extension of your team WE CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS AS MUCH AS YOU DO When it comes to marketing, you may not know exactly what you need and that’s okay. Behind every marketing plan, there is a team of people creating what you need. What makes Kinetix unique

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