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The Crucial Role of Marketing and IT in Law Enforcement

Protecting & Communicating with Your Community Effectively

The way we communicate is constantly evolving. Don’t let the digital era leave law enforcement fall behind. We know your agency does so much to serve your community. Our team can assist with your PR, social, and tech support needs, allowing you to focus on what’s important: keeping people safe.

Things to Consider For Law Enforcement Agencies in 2023

Protecting your reputation

Your community should believe in you. Foster a culture of transparency, trust, and honesty.

Enhance communication and collaboration

Communicate effectively and efficiently both internally and with your community. Ensure that you have the tools to help get the job done.

Promote Recruitment / Retention

75% of agencies reported that recruiting is more difficult today than it was five years ago[1]. Increase your recruitment numbers by sharing content targeted toward the people who need to see it.


VoIP (Voice Over IP)

Never miss a call again. This internet based phone services can help streamline your agency’s communications, eliminate multiple phones and route, record, conference and transfer calls with ease. In many cases voice by Kinetix operates for less than you’re paying now.


Servers & Hardware

Increase security and productivity at an effective cost. Our qualified technical professionals will provide a custom Advanced Networking Strategy and Design plan. With ongoing support, Kinetix can identify, report, and resolve critical issues in real time and maintain a secure and protected business network.

Internet and FIber

Internet & Fiber

Kinetix Fiber offers secure and reliable business connections with local support that is on-call and ready to respond. Take advantage of speeds up to 1 Gigabit, private networks that are completely separate from public lines, reliable connections so you can work without interruption, and accessibility to our expert support team.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Online reputation management with Kinetix helps your law enforcement agency improve and protect your image and can immediately address and recover negative comments. When someone visits your pages, assure they only see positive ratings, reviews, and content. Gain public favor by managing your reputation on today’s number one referral source, the Internet.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Increase brand awareness and reach your community by meeting people where they are… on social media. Let Kinetix perform a full evaluation and assessment of your social media profiles and determine which demographics are more engaged on each individual platform. Kinetix can then help you customize your social content based on your community’s interests and your agency’s goals.

Web Services

Web Services

Responsive web development, maintenance, hosting and compliance. Work with our team to streamline your user experience so your community gets the information they need as easily and quickly as possible. From basic landing pages to enterprise-level sites, our Web Development team delivers WCAG compliant web sites built with your needs in mind.

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